New Music – Tameca Jones

Tameca Jones released the single “Hot And Bothered” in the fall of 2015 leading up to the debut EP to be released in 2016. The following is what she had to say:

“I wrote “Hot and Bothered” about a crush I had on a beautiful man. I channeled my inner, sassy construction worker for the lyrics. I wrote respectful comments a worker might say to an attracted person who walked by. I recorded the song in Houston, TX at Wire Road studio. Josh Moore, who also helped produce some of Max Frost’s songs, produced “Hot and Bothered.” Right now, I’m writing and recording my debut EP “Naked”, set to drop ​in 2016. I call it “Naked” because for several years I made a name for myself interpreting the music of others, but now I’m taking off the “covers” and releasing my own music. ? See what I did there?”


As published by New Millennium Music | Nov 2, 2015